I started Life Vocabulary as a platform for reviews and interviews back in 2016.  Since then I have established the podcast and captured conversations with Creatives and Artists from all over the world.

In 2019 I want to create more commentary and produce content for us to essentially learn and unlearn in order expand our life vocabularies.  That was my mission right from the start – to incite insight with all Life Vocabulary content.

More about me:

I turned 40 in 2018!!! I’ve ‘started over’ many times and I believe this is the secret to challenging my perspectives on life, a way to sharpen my commentary, and to continually learn and unlearn without ego and with a lot of passion.

I have worked in Communications/PR since the early 00’s (my day job effectively) and revived my passion for music in 2015.  Since then I have been learning about sound engineering and producing music, as well as instrumentation, songwriting, and singing.  I frequently provide commentary on what is happening in the Hip Hop, R&B, and Soul music world, and have taken to podcasting like I took to dance, yoga, and swimming; seamlessly.

I still teach Yoga from time to time.  Mainly dance in my kitchen where I seem to spend my non-working life.  And swim when I can manage to steal some time for myself or with my nearly 8yr old daughter.

Born and raised in London (Cranford/Hounslow) I went to school in Brentford, College in Kingston, Uni in East London (Queen Mary University of London), and adore Bloomsbury as it’s where I spent the majority of my student and young adult recreational life.

Living in East London taught me a lot in my 20’s.  30’s were largely in Westminster (Queens Park) and now South London (Croydon).  But I don’t see myself as being attached to any part of London in particular.  Every area brings up some special nostalgia.  Southall is the place I frequented with my family for food, clothing, bangles, even for family wedding attire, including my own (when I was married in a past-life).  Still love heading down there for some authentic Punjabi food and paan obviously.

Croydon is an interesting place – like its in limbo.  Creatively I feel the same which is why perhaps I started this platform as a way to build up to ‘something’.  Not sure what yet but I am ‘chunking’ creative sparks and tasks and seeing where it takes me.

Having never had a mentor or role model, I’ve had to rediscover my own creative centre to revive abilities that were perhaps smothered by life events.  But that’s life! One area I am particularly interested in is our approach to life, creating, and success.  I think there is much to unlearn and learn in this space.  Stay tuned…


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